Tropical Tanning has four top of the range Ergoline Sunbeds. These are the top of the range costing £20,000 each. This is how committed we are to ensuring you are safe when tanning. Ergoline are the market leaders in sunbed manufacturer. Their beds guarantee relaxed tanning with optimum results.

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Luxura V6

The only one in Jersey!

Vertical Sunbed

The Luxura V6 is the new standard on the market for vertical fast tanning. It is the only stand up on the market with separate face and shoulder tanners, guaranteeing an instant tan.

The Luxura V6 The Luxura V6

Our Prices

Single session: £1.10 per min
30 Minute Course: £29.00 (96p per min)
60 Minute Course: £52.50 (87p per min)
120 Minute Course: £90.00 (75p per min)
60 minute course only £35

Legs only Sunbed

Our Legacy (legs only) tanner is a small intense sunbed for people whose legs take ages to tan. Ideal for people who want to tan their legs only, and use a little fake tan on their face and upper body.

The average session time is 7 minutes and the maximum is 10 minutes.

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Don't fancy sunbeams?

We have a range of fake tans available to buy at our salon. Visit our Products page to view
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